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Daniel B. Howell is a retail and consumer business professional living in North America. With in-depth knowledge in both technology and product development, he has helped companies grow by millions of dollars while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Adept in recognizing emerging trends before most others, he uses design thinking and data to build and launch successful strategies and products into complex markets that increase his client's competitive market share.

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Hi, it's nice to meet you!

From a very early age, I’ve been a dreamer and a problem solver. I was the kid who was always building and inventing things- from an automatic bedroom door openers to making my own toys when I couldn’t find them in stores.

While my creativity has made for some pretty interesting conversations thorough the years, it has really served me well in my career. I've worked on some amazing projects, including:

  • Launching technology to measure and grow digital content sales by millions of dollars across North America retailers.

  • Drove teams to reduce operating expenses by millions of dollars over several years through innovation, streamlining infrastructure, and business process optimization

  • Assessed and tested emerging disruptive technologies for Fortune 500 chief executives to determine product/market fit.

  • Unlocked millions in incremental revenue by transforming print ad business to a digital marketing channel with a higher return on ad spend (RoAS).

  • Wrote 50+ business cases and transferred over half a dozen patent applications to help improve client's competitive advantages

I would love to bring this kind of success to your business.

What product challenges do you have?

My Core Values

  • Always learning - I care about filling my well so I can make the right decisions more quickly and frequently.

  • Moving upstream - I search for bigger and better things that solve many of our downstream challenges and life's daily fired drills.

  • Bottling Inspiration - Not every ideas is great, but a great idea can come from anywhere. I want to collaborate as much as I can.

  • Practicing Ethics, Integrity & Lifting around me - Families and communities comprise our planet. I focus on the activities that create the most value for our global society.

  • Patient and persistently pursuing results. - I am resilient. People trust me and depend on me for the long haul.

Values in daily practice:

  • Family Adventures - Making memories and connecting with people

  • Good Eating – I love discovering cheep, healthy, & yummy dishes

  • Consistant Exercise – There is so much to do that the body loves

  • Structured Meditation – Our brains need time to recharge too.

I contribute time and money on a regular basis to a few great causes whenever I can. This frankly is the most rewarding part of life and I invite you to look into ways you can give back as well.


I quickly developed a love for creating new ideas. I currently work for a retailer helping to share products that can help people save time and money so they can live better.

I am a dreamer and a futurist. I want to bring ideas into reality through building and making things. Art, Design, and Writing are my outlets of creative expression.

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So, that's me in a nutshell, feel free to reach out and introduce yourself through social media. I love making friends and getting to know people!