Just keep trying

In full disclosure, I am not 100% faithful to Dr. Fuhriman's Nutritarian Diet Recommendations. But regardless of the latest research trends, I agree that it is better to eat nutritious food more often. There is not much debate on which food is nutritious, either.

If you are like me, I look at my own physiology, look up some articles on WebMD or Mayo Clinic to find articles that may be related to some of the symptoms or experiences that I would like to improve. From there, I notice that there are several key words that also related to specific foods or exercises that could be linked to making improvements in my health.

In a nutshell (no pun intended) - Make sure you eat lots of greens. Make meets and starches the side-dish or go without if you can.

Favorite Recipe Sites

Not always 'on plan' but the highly-rated dishes have never disappointed. I balance my searches between what I feel like eating and what I 'should' be eating. This little compromise seems to be working for me so far!

Perhaps the largest database of recipes

My first digital recipe book. I still have a lot of my personal favorites stored here that I can get to from my phone.

Refreshingly delicious, sometimes not the most nutritious-dense foods.

Very easy to follow recipe videos. Good for learning proportions and methods for cooking that can be applied to my own dishes.