Bentonville Arkansas Temple Sculpture

The Bentonville Arkansas Temple was announced in October 2019 by Church President Russell M. Nelson. It will be built on an 8.8-acre site located at 1101 McCollum Road. Plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 25,000 square feet with a center spire.

I built a 3D model using the reference photos from the official press release:

The first prototype came out really well. It is made of the same material as Lego bricks. I am making a few additional tweaks to the geometry to make it even sharper.

Additional Project Updates

Update - January 2022

I uploaded a revised model to Thingiverse that should be more print-friendly, including a chamfered edge under the overhanging surfaces for better support. I also removed the base, which was too thin when printed at a smaller scale.

Update - Sept 2021

The stake hosted a thank-you dinner for the temple construction workers. I was honored to contribute around 80 miniature models that each worker received as a souvenir for their valuable service.

Update - October 2020

I stared this project last week and this is a work in progress. I am thinking about taking orders and making them for people in the area. Reach out to me if you would be interested in purchasing one of these models.



I would love to do more design work, and little donations are a way you can help!