Don't give up. Be prepared. Invest in your future.

Recommended Viewing

Dad, How Do I

This YouTube channel is a great resource for getting started with the basics of adulting. He does a great job in providing useful , practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.

Accelerated Job Search

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created and launched a very good job search program, which is especially relevant in today's world.

The main methodology is to set a goal for daily research, contacts, and meetings, so that job-seekers can fill their pipeline full of leads and job prospects. I can personally endorse the successfulness of this program!

Online Certificates and Training

Sites like LinkedIn Learning (Formerly, EDX, and Coursera offer lots of technical and specialized training. Furthermore, you can audit a lot of these classes for free, or pay a fee to get a signed certificate or certification.

Gone are the days where your education from your 20s will stay relevant until your retirement. I recommend being 'choiceful' in what skills to learn as you go so that you are always adding value to your family, friends, and employers. The cost of the class may very well be worth a promotion or career change opportunity.